We use Trello at Kapa99 because it’s the best tool for organizing your projects.

It seamlessly allows you to know the status of your task, find the attachments and files from your projects and easily request revisions.

Watch this video to understand a little bit better how you can organize, know the status of your task, find attachments and easily request revisions:


This is how your Trello board will look like

Let's begin with Trello basics


Lists are where your projects will go, they also help you understand visually in which step in the process your projects are.

A) To-do: where you should put all your new projects. When they are on this lists it means for you that we haven't seen it yet.

B) Doing this is where you will see your projects once they have been assigned to one of our graphic designers. This is generally done by the Project manager. By the time your project is here it will also get a due date.

C) Revision Request: on this list you should be moving your tasks when they need a change or modification. It's important that you do this so your project manager can visually know that you need a revision for the particular project that's on that list.

D) Done list: this is where we will move your project once is completed for you to review.

E) Best practices: we want to make requesting tasks as easy as possible, on this lists you will find the best practices for most types of projects that you will need. If you don't know what information to submit or you'll like some guidance this is where you will find all of that!

How to add a new project or graphic design request

Projects are represented by cards.

Adding cards for each project that needs to be completed is very easy, just by clicking “Add A Card” in the to-do list.

Pro tip: Keep card titles short to make it easier to scan and see the status of each project on the board.

Elements of a card that will make your life simple:

  • Card title: After you click "Add card" you will be prompted to enter the title of your project.
  • Card description: After you add the title of your project you have to click on the card to open it. You'll then see this window with a description field, this is where you have to put your project information.
  • Attachments: Do you need to provide reference or inspiration with an attachment, drawing or anything similar? You can do that easily by drag and dropping your files to the card, or by clicking on attachments directly.
  • Comments: are used to keep communication about the project, whether it's changes or new information that needs to be shared.